The TCLS ARM FOR SPACE consortium is carefully constructed in order to provide the essential and complementary group of partners, who have the knowledge, the expertise and the experience necessary for a successful execution of the project and the achievement of the project’s objective. It combines both major industrial actors and SME expertise from across Europe.

All partners have strong experiences in their particular areas of expertise and will closely cooperate on the new scientific challenges brought up by TCLS ARM FOR SPACE innovative development, providing technical depth within the consortium, and avoiding knowledge gaps. Within the areas, each partner possesses complementary expertise, but with enough knowledge overlap to ensure tight cohesion of the consortium.

The technological capabilities and experience of the various partners complement each other; TCLS ARM FOR SPACE consortium will bring together:

- Airbus DS GmbH, the consortium coordinator
- Airbus Defence and Space SAS
- ARM Limited (ARM)
- Dolphin Integration SA (Dolphin)
- Atmel Nantes SAS (Atmel)